Monday, November 8, 2010

Bed Bugs...and a night in a St. John's hotel.

Amazingly, bed bugs have swept the nation.  They are small and have the ability to hide quite well.  These bugs can go for months without feeding so finding them can be difficult.  Their bodies are thin which allows them to hide in tiny spaces.  They rarely come out in the daytime. Placed among other bugs this one would hardly make one squirm.  They are no bigger than a black fly.  

The thing is - they are in our BEDS!  We hate to have anything crawling in our BEDS!  :)

You will not likely feel yourself being bit.  Bed bugs allow us to settle into the bed and inject saliva before feeding.  We don't feel a thing.  Things become apparent in the morning.  Some people have no reaction at all; most have skin irritations much like mild to severe fly bites.  The arms and shoulders are the most likely to be affected.

I spent a night last week in a St. John's hotel.  After about 40 minutes in bed I was still thinking instead of sleeping - I wondered about bed bugs.  I took a look - none on the bed and none present around the edges.  No bites the next morning.  I hope this is the same throughout the city.
Sweet dreams.

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